About Us

We all love our pets and this adventure started innocently. I was leaving for vacation and looking for a petsitter for Galaxy, my 2 year old labrador. The internet was offering up well-funded sites which proposed "introductions" and "intermediaries", but I was looking for a personal relationship. I didn't want an intermediary, and what value could they add, really? I simply needed a trusted petsitter for a member of my family, not an organisation interested in their commision.

This Site is Free, Why?

The Family Gardemypet is free because I'd like to contribute something positive to pet owners. Our pets are part of our family, and direct unbiased contact with a pet-sitter is important. I'm hoping you enjoy the site and participate in it's evolution. You can call me personally, or contact me here.

Pet Sitting

Placing your pet with someone you trust is very important, but there's always that 'first time'. Our site will allow clients and pet sitters to share their experiences, you can evaluate those comments independently, and contact the service provider directly. I'll do my best to contact every one of the providers listed on this site.

If you'd like to offer your services as a Pet Sitter on GardeMyPet, add your listing, and I'll contact you by email and or telephone just to say 'hello'. I'd like to get to know more about you. If you're serious and proud of your relationships and capacity with your animals, I'm thrilled to have you participating. Let others know about us, and we'll let others know about you!


Boarding - Kennels

Evaluating a pension isn't easy, but some people prefer the structure and assurance of leaving a pet with a professional. I've personally had both bad and good experiences with kennels. Remember to visit the business, search out reviews, and ask for references before leaving your pet.


Protecting your pet is one of GardeMyPet's highest priorities. We're promoting a solution that will keep your companions healthy and safe. I created a tag after my Lab Galaxy, went missing. Galaxy almost never leaves my side, except... When he goes to a pet-friends, a Setter named 'Hunter'. Galaxy runs around with Hunter and follows him everywhere, even when he escapes his garden and goes hunting birds! It was a Friday night and Galaxy and Hunter went off, but Galaxy didn't return. We spent 2 days posting signs, calling friends, driving around hoping to stumble, safely, on Galaxy. All the while expecting the worst. On Sunday morning we asked at a local cafe, where the owner pointed us to a neighbor who had found a Lab and was holding her in his garage until Monday when he could go to the Vet and scan Galaxies implanted chip. We found Galaxy happily eating this neighbors cat's food... This personal experience motivated me to create a solution more efficient and accessible than an implanted chip, a solution which would have helped Galaxy return home, that same Friday night. I sincerely think every pet should have a Gardemypet QR tag, and the ability to contact, by email, sms, or telephone the owner as soon as possible.

Rescue - Adoption

Finding a lost pet, or worse an abandoned pet breaks my heart. We've started to compile a list of trusted resources for those who would like to volunteer or donate.